Thursday, December 25, 2003

Been a long time.....ain't that a new birth song? well it's xmas 2003 and I ain't feeling it. Furthermore, nevermind. Maybe that's a good attribute for the new year, "Furthermore/Nevermind". I went back to OS9 on the laptop for speed, works reall well with the airport stuff. Speaking of airport, Verizon Wi-Fi is the truth. Use it at the office (and the nail shop) love it!!! And get this, went to visit my daughter (UNC Chapel Hill) and her internet service offers a wireless network!!! Gotta get on these NY providers! Most advanced city and so slow in tech. blah blah blah..... Well pray for me I'm planning on shooting a pilot for a digital technology show soon. Should be fun if I can get from under this stinkin cloud.